Timing Services

We utilize the latest, most reliable timing technologies to help ensure your event is a success.  Score Timing is ready to work with you to tailor a timing solution that meets your needs.

Photo Finish

FinishLynx photofinish is an industry leader utilizing cameras to capture each athlete as they cross the finish line. Results are accurate to 1/1000th of a second or more and can be integrated with an RFID timing solution seamlessly for even quicker evaluation of large events with many competitors.

Chip Timing

IPICO RFID Chip timing has been a proven leader in College, High School and Middle School Cross Country for many years.  Due to the robust nature of this technology, IPICO chips along with the IPICO readers are able to accurately capture results in some of the most demanding and challenging environments.  Since Cross Country events can sometimes be held in conditions that are wet, cold, and even muddy, the IPICO chip is the best solution for the sport.

Live Results

Live results can be produced for most events and can be displayed shortly after the conclusion of each event.

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